The 13 Best Things About Coming Home After Living Abroad

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Yes it is hard coming home after leaving your another “home” which in my experience were Australia (2 months) and USA (1 year). You’ll suffer some of this feeling. When you arrived, you think this is a place you should be familiar with, a place you can sighed with relief but then you realized half of your mind and heart wish you are back somewhere else. But after few days thinking and prefer staying at home, your common logic and common sense start work well again. The dark cloud slowly gone. The day you were longing to hear the bird waking you up in the morning finally comes. Busy and crowded street is not making you headache anymore and you finally see the beauty of your country and see something good (again) like this :

1. Suddenly becomes rich after you change the money into Rupiah. But then, you remember how much you spend dollar on that heels and it feels “ouch!”

2. Way cheaper of living cost. You becomes richer when you start converting the menu in dollar and rupiah. My usual lunch in America can buy me a favorite food three times including give a treat to friends.

3. Eating your favorite food again. For me, my city offers the best cuisine. Tekwan from Palembang, Sate Padang from West Sumatera, Bakso and Soto. Every bite of this food made me fall in love again.


4. Having breakfast ready for me, lunch as requested and dinner for me. I never have to cut onion and go to kitchen anymore. Thanks Mom!

5. Karaokeing is never feel this good.

6. Salon is cheap and abundant. $10 = Full body massage + Body Scrub + Creambath = HEAVEN!

7. Mostly people say “I miss my bedroom the most”. But not me, I can sleep under any circumstances. But when it comes to restroom, I am more picky. Coming back to the old restroom where I can take bath as long as I want, playing music out loud and singing like no one hear, doing “business” in where I used to be and pretty sure there is no line waiting for me is amazing.

6.To see family and friends again. My day to day routine is to meet my family, sharing the stories and gave the souvenir. People are so excited at least to see you again and see how you changed and have a chance to comment tease you “Wow you looks tan!” “You gained some weight!”

7. People look up on you. People someone that able to go outside the country, either work or study. They think I must be really smart or rich. Sometimes it feels good to be the role model for others and you gained some popularity.

10. Sorting the picture, pin, sticker or anything you brought and remembering those great moment and cost you hours to sitting and smiling alone. FYI, when I write this post I haven’t finish unpack my luggages. I left some excitement for other days.

8. Here’s come the new opportunity. As I explained in number 6 you can really use this opportunity to “sell” yourself on resume, sharing in the forum or at least write your “tips and trick” in blog just like me.

9. Riding motorbike. I had a dream to ride a harley davidson motorbike in USA. A big one, with high boots, jeans and head band while letting my hair blow by wind and we’re listening the country music. Unfortunately It was never happen to me. So at least riding my old, noisy with heavily smoke motor cycle can cure some of the itches. Strolling around my city and remembering the special places where I used to play is the same like opening an old album.

10. Wherever I go, the landscape is dominant by green color and blue sky. I really love desert, but when the sun is up, I wish to stay under a big green tree not cactus.

11. No more language barrier. Even 10 months in America couldn’t erase my accent and it feels so good not have to say “Pardon?” and ask people to repeat what they said.

12. A new perspectives and knowledge. Having been exposed with so many things that are new, broaden my horizon. Now I know Sahara desert is not the only one, Sonora desert is also beautiful. Ghana is the name of country and I see things in many ways. Tell me something, and my mind will compare it in many ways i’ve seen. In indonesia we have bread with jam, Australia has vegemite and Americas has peanut butter jelly.

13. Not taking something for granted. Like this program, everything in this world has their expired date. Nothing remains the same except the changes. I tend to be appreciate things and people. I will think this is might be my last time with them, I might go travel again and what happen if I return home and everything not the way it is? Ok let make the most of it and left regret away.

What is your best thing happened after coming home?


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  1. engkong Ozi

    he he Lenny, for sure you feel diferent Currency Rate, dollars is more higher than rupiahs that why you feel richer when you back home, gaining weight ? …and for sure too, cause the food in the USA full of calories…your accent can not change unless you move to the USA when you are younger and most study there, than your accent will change automaticaly

  2. luckily only gained 3kg and i'm still looking good :p yes kong actually i still talked in Bahasa Indonesia because i have indonesian friends over there 🙂

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